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Mass / Liturgy - Tim Rash's Commentaries / Cycle C

About Tim Rash33K
1st Sunday of Advent17K
2nd Sunday of Advent21K
3rd Sunday of Advent21K
4th Sunday of Advent18K
Feast of the Holy Family31K
Epiphany of the Lord23K
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time23K
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time34K
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time28K
7th Sunday in Ordinary Time37K
First Sunday of Lent20K
Second Sunday of Lent30K
Third Sunday of Lent32K
Fourth Sunday of Lent30K
Fifth Sunday of Lent21K
Palm Sunday34K
Second Sunday of Easter20K
Third Sunday of Easter23K
Fourth Sunday of Easter23K
Fifth Sunday of Easter25K
Sixth Sunday of Easter28K
Corpus Christi25K