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Why can't I see the documents when I click the link?
Also, "All see is a bunch of weird coding stuff".

You need to download the Microsoft Word viewer to see the Word documents on this site.

I already have Microsoft Word installed on my computer. Do I still need to download the viewer?

If it is Microsoft Word 97 or newer, no.

How can I get the documents to my computer? They keep opening in Internet Explorer.

This is due to you having Microsoft Word installed and is a feature of Internet Explorer. To get the documents to your computer, right click on them (left click, if your mouse is set up for left handed use) and select "Save Target As...".

My anti-virus program is telling me there may be a virus in (name of document).

All documents (not just the new ones) are scanned once every 1-3 months. The new ones are scanned before they are uploaded to the server that is hosting this Web site. This is done by the latest anti-virus software, using the latest virus definitions. What may be happening is your anti-Virus software may be set to see all files ending with .doc as a virus (.doc is the file extension for Microsoft Word files). While it is possible to make a macro that can be or act like a virus, worm, or Trojan, none of the documents on this site have any such macros in them.