Everything you ever needed to know about the Wand Vibrator!

What on earth is a wand vibrator?

A wand vibrator is a massaging device for sore muscles, body aches, and pains. However, since its inception, it has found its use among sex toys. Sure, you could use it on sore muscles… but you could ‘also’ use it to get off. Plus, orgasm is a natural pain reliever anyway!


The most well-known vibrator today is the Hitachi Magic Wand. It has constantly modified itself with time and has been the reigning champion of wand sex toys like these since 1968.


The wand vibrator’s claim to fame:

We’re not saying that the Hitachi Magic Wand solely gained its popularity owing to the infamous sitcom, Sex & the City, but it definitely did help its success.


In season 5, episode 6, one of the leads by the name of Samantha, finds herself in a ‘sticky’ situation… where her magic wand dies on her right before playtime. Boldly, she goes to the store to return it.


To her surprise, the store owner proclaims that what she’s holding is not a sex toy but a neck massager. With absolute conviction, Samantha argues that it’s a vibrator and quite a good one at times. She even tries to convince other women in the store to buy their own “neck massagers.”


Despite this beast of a device being invented some 25 years before this episode, the exposure helped, with sales exploding overnight!


The main ways of using the Wand Massager


The wand massager is super versatile, making it an absolute winner no matter what kind of ‘relaxation’ you prefer. And because of this versatility, there are several different ways to use it!


  1. General massage of your body
    For the intent, it was created. Use your favorite wand vibrator to relieve those sore and tired muscles and to get a bit of pain relief when you need it most.
  2. Stimulate your erogenous zones
    There are so many underrated erogenous zones, like the side of the neck, the inner thighs, and just behind the knees… grab your wand vibrator, set it on a light vibration and get yourself warmed up by caressing these hot spots.
  3. Spice it up with your partner
    Take turns to massage each other, focusing on the erogenous zones. A massage can be a very sensual experience, as touch is one of the most sensual senses. Now enhance these touches using the wand by teasing your partner at unexpected intervals.
  4. Stimulate the shaft and scrotum
    A wand vibrator isn’t just a female sex toy. It can be used to stimulate men equally. The main zones include the shaft, the scrotum, and the underside of the penis for a thrilling foreplay ride. This could be during solo fun or with a partner. You can simultaneously add in a bit of sloppy blowjob at the same time, and he’ll be seeing the stars!
  5. Stimulate the perineum
    This is the zone between the vaginal opening and anus. Gently place the vibrating wand on the perineum, and you will taste ecstasy. In men, this will be the zone between the scrotum and anus. This region is dense with nerve endings, so it is a fantastic zone for both the sexes.


What to look for while buying a wand vibrator?


Once you’ve made the bold decision to buy a wand massager for yourself or your partner, there’s still some work left. You must figure out what wand massager is best for you and how to select one from the masses. We have detailed articles on this query; however, let me give you 3 simple points:

  • Source of the sex toy.
    There are numerous counterfeits in the market today, so be careful the source of your purchase is genuine and gives you genuine wand massagers from reputed brands.
  • Material of the wand.
    ALWAYS opt for body-safe premium grade silicone when it comes to sex toys. Risking your health by compromising on the quality of the sex toy is just not worth it.
  • Functionalities of the sex toy.
    Check if the functionalities of the sex toy match your requirements. Some require waterproof wands to use in tubs, while some prefer 20 modes of vibrations— whatever it is, make sure they are listed under the wand massager.


Once you have all these checked out, you will find yourself your ideal toy to play around with. Wand massagers are insanely addictive, so you will find your next favorite toy amongst these wands very soon!