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You can reach thousands of Catholics, world wide, a month by advertising with the Catholic Catechist Web site!

Rates are $50 per month or $500 per year (this means two months free!) per sponsor advertising slot. All monies mentioned are in United States dollars. All checks must be drawn from a United States bank.

Ads are placed in the advertisement space located beneath the main site navigation at the left of each page.

Ads must be 120 pixels wide and can be between 100 and 150 pixels high, in gif (non-animated) or jpg format, at a size of 25 KBs maximum.

Ads should be aimed at a Catholic audience.

They may not be for "get rich quick" scams, pornography, anti-Catholic (or to any sites trying to convert Catholics from the Fullness of Truth as revealed by Jesus), or hate sites.

All ads must point to an active website.

All ads are subject to approval of this site's owner.

All ad queries can be sent here.

If you do not have a 100 by 100 pixel graphic for your ad, one can be made for you for a one time $50 charge.